“Bold prediction started right here today by Chris Cooley,” Chris Cooley said on ESPN 980 Tuesday afternoon. “Robert Griffin will be the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins, without competition, in 2015. That is my bet.”

This was indeed a bold prediction. And it was indeed started by Chris Cooley. And it did indeed have the desired effect: Cooley’s co-hosts, Steve Czaban and Al Galdi were aghast, as were many listeners.

Now, Cooley was not reporting this, per se; he was predicting it. He said he was predicting it based on “ownership that loves” Griffin, and based on “what was given up for him, and [that] there were people that were involved in giving those things up for him here that want to be right.”

But he was also predicting it based on how new GM Scot McCloughan handled Alex Smith in San Francisco, and how Smith later played in Kansas City. This is a pretty big leap, as far as predictions go, and so it seems to me that people probably shouldn’t freak out just yet.

But since people were talking about it, and since I was asked, here is what Cooley said.

“I would put my money on Robert Griffin,” Cooley said. “Now, they may not say ‘No competition!’ They may say ‘Open competition!’ But that open competition would be ‘You have to really lose this job. Really lose this job. We’re not looking for someone to outplay you. It’s your job. We’re saying competition, but you have to really lose this job. You’re a 90 percent chance right now, Kirk is 5, Colt is 5.’ ”

Cooley — who has often been critical of Griffin’s play (see here and here) — said he came to this conclusion when he thought about writing down his thoughts about the future of Washington’s quarterbacks.

“And I came to this really really really logical conclusion,” he said. “I may not like this conclusion. But I am going to start to embrace this conclusion: this is what is likely to happen for the Washington Redskins next year. Does anyone disagree with me that this is probably the most likely? There’s no competition. There’s no one else to truly compete.”

“I see it coming like the plot to a Three’s Company episode,” Czaban said.

“I hope like hell you’re wrong,” Galdi added.

The latter shares the views of many fans: that Jay Gruden should tell Griffin, Kirk Cousins, Colt McCoy and anyone else used to throwing a football that they all will battle this thing out, and the best quarterback will play in the fall. Absent a clear starter, that would seem to be the logical move. Cooley, though, is betting against that scenario.