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Redskins legend John Riggins’s reputation as a lover of beer is well documented. The running back joked with Orioles Manager Buck Showalter about it on his TV show “Riggo on the Range” during a discussion of how he survived a 14-year NFL career.

“Maybe when you’re in a constant state of lubrication, the joints stay nice and loose,” Riggins said. “I don’t know. There are those rumors about me I’m sure.”

Riggins could be doing a lot more talking about beer if the pilot episode of “Brew Stories” is picked up. The show is the latest idea from 44 Outdoors, which also produces “Riggo on the Range,” and would take Riggins throughout the country on a quest to find the ultimate beer.

The opening narration by Riggins in the five-minute pilot episode, which was shot at Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, is predictably great:

Beer, glorious beer. The very thought of this complex beverage conjures up so many different images. No wonder it’s the third-most popular drink in the world behind water and tea. Throughout world history, and at today’s cutting edge of technology, you will find beer. On the tables of the rich and the poor, in almost every human situation of note, you will find beer. I’m John Riggins, and I’ve always loved my beer. Beer is a thing we think we know, but do we really? Join me each week as we investigate the world of flavor, aroma art and science that is BEER.

“The idea came about because breweries are kind of hot right now,” 44 Outdoors producer James Montgomery said. “John likes to drink beer and it was just kind of one of those things that was natural.”

Breweries are kind of hot right now. In fact, 44 Outdoors executive producer Art Major is opening his own brewery — Escutcheon Brewing — in Winchester later this year.

Montgomery said he and his coworkers only spent about one week producing the pilot last month in order to have the episode ready for the Realscreen Summit, an annual conference where representative from various production companies pitch ideas and screen pilots for unscripted and factual entertainment programming.

Now, it’s a waiting game. If the show gets picked up, Riggins will visit breweries with a different celebrity guest each week. Montgomery said there were a few outtakes from filming at Port City that didn’t make it into the pilot episode.

“It’s always [Riggins’s] call whether he wants to release them or not,” Montgomery said. “He’s been know to drink them back a little bit.”

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