The last Penguins-Capitals game was fun, because it seemed like everyone hated each other, and that’s entertaining. And that has perhaps led to increased intrigue for Wednesday night’s return engagement. Given the chance, Brooks Laich didn’t ruin the mystique.

“I mean, we don’t like them,” Laich said Wednesday morning on 106.7 The Fan, echoing comments he’s made before. “They’re our rivals. We do not like the Pittsburgh Penguins. We love playing them, but it’s a team that you’re going to have to face in the playoffs probably — certainly to get out of your division you’ll probably have to face them. So you never want to let anybody that you’re going to face in the playoffs ever think they can beat you.”

Laich was asked if all the fun and dislike last time out would carry over this week.

“I think it’s always there; certainly it escalated in the third period last game,”  he said. “Whether it carries over into tonight, we’ll see. Depends on what the score is. Right now, the most important thing are the two points….That being said, there’s still a distaste, a serious distaste between the two teams there. We’ll see what happens tonight. I can’t really tell you one way or the other which way it’s going to go until the puck drops.”

Then Laich was asked if there are any Penguins who particularly get under his skin.

“I don’t want to say a name, but there’s a couple that popped into my head right away,” Laich said. “I wouldn’t say they get under our skin; I would say we have a great game plan to try to take them off their game and  make them lose their emotions and their focus a little bit, which plays into our hands. Which, in the third period of that game, happened.

“We ended up getting I believe three power plays based off of…bad penalties where it’s not preventing a goal or something; it’s sort of a selfish penalty were you’re doing something because you’re frustrated,” Laich went on. “Jack Hillen took a punch to the head. Joel Ward took a bit of a shot by the boards. And then there was a slashing call on [Marcus Johansson]. Penalties that didn’t prevent goals on their part that led to success on our part.”

The Jack Hillen blow was delivered by Steve Downie. The Joel Ward shot was delivered by Chris Kunitz. And the Johansson slash was delivered by Kris Letang. In case you were wondering which names might have popped into Laich’s head, theoretically.