Wizards forward Otto Porter Jr. is shown actually in motion against the Bulls. (Maury Tannen/EPA)

It’s hard to know what was more embarrassing: That the Wizards lost to a Bulls team missing three of its top four scorers, or that, with seconds left, Otto Porter let his man run to the other side of the floor while he just stood there, leading to a game-sealing offensive rebound by Chicago. Oh, wait, it’s not hard at all.

Porter’s mystifying refusal to move even an inch, while Tony Snell scampered away, became the game’s immediate takeaway by Internet observers. With the second-year forward putting the “monument” in Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Snell wound up open for a three.

That shot missed, but Marcin Gortat was forced to leave his man and run out on Snell, leaving 6-foot-6 Garrett Temple to keep nearly 14 feet of Bulls in Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic off the glass. Gasol got the rebound, got fouled and hit his free throws to give Chicago a five-point lead with nine seconds to go.

Here is that sequence, and be sure to listen for Gortat pointing at the motionless Porter and yelling “OTTO!!”

Just bizarre. Porter was looking away from Snell, but whatever happened to peripheral vision? Okay, maybe his goggles got a little foggy, but did his hearing get foggy, too?

It also sounded like a second person also yelled “Otto!” Who was that man of mystery?

To be fair to Porter, the Wizards shouldn’t even have been trailing at that point in the game, given their presumed desperation for a win, as well as the facts that they had been 2-1 against Chicago this season and that the Bulls were missing Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson. And apart from the brain cramp, Porter had a decent game, contributing 11 points, five rebounds and two blocks in 30 minutes.

Of course, apart from the brain cramp, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln? For quite a while to come, Porter’s night — if not his thus-far disappointing career — will be remembered for that one play where it appeared that someone forgot to press “Play” on him.