Jenna Boyer, a Caps fan and junior from South Lakes high, recently got to talking with a friend about their ideal prom dates, as high school juniors do. Jenna’s ideal date would be Caps forward Tom Wilson, he of the youthful charm and dashing good looks and fists of concrete. Her friend’s would be Michael Latta, Wilson’s roommate. This double date would be “glorious,” to use Boyer’s word.

One thing led to another, until Boyer finally went out into a rain storm Wednesday night to buy poster paper to make a sign on which she’d invite Wilson to prom on Washington’s snowiest day of the year. (That’s when she would be inviting him; not when prom would actually be held. Pending the June weather report.)

Her caption — “Come out of the penalty box and go to prom with me?” — was inspired by Wilson’s 17 penalty minutes on Tuesday; her invitation was inspired by his intense style of play and laidback off-ice demeanor. (His looks definitely had nothing to do with any of this, no sirree.)

“I think our personalities would go really well together and we would have a blast at prom,” Boyer wrote in an e-mail Friday afternoon. “Since prom is coming up in a couple of months, I figured there was no harm in having some fun with it.”

As you might have guessed, her sign was shown both inside the arena and on Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast, initially with Boyer holding it upside down. She thinks a few Caps players saw her holding it and enjoyed its message; she knows it was a hit on social media.

“Every time I held it up people surrounding me were trying to read it and smiled when they saw what it said,” she wrote. “As to my reaction to all the social media attention, first of all I was very surprised yet pleased, and so excited on the Metro ride home I could hardly contain myself. I was inundated with texts and tweets from all my friends about how I got on TV, with Joe B. and Locker talking about me, and how significant Twitter accounts were commenting on it.”

You’d think this would all help her odds with Wilson, assuming he doesn’t have a Stanley Cup conflict or another date. (South Lakes prom is scheduled for June 13.)

And Boyer, who has partial Caps season tickets, has already met Wilson twice. She wants to be an athletic trainer one day, so they could talk about pro sports and stuff if there were any lulls in the conversation. And it probably isn’t even worth worrying about backup plans just yet.

So if Wilson says yes, what happens next?

“It would be a dream come true if anything like this actually happened,” Boyer wrote.