Rapper and actor Ludacris was at ESPN headquarters on Wednesday to promote his new movie, Furious 7, which hits theaters on April 3. Fairfax native and SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak met Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, and asked him to settle an old debate.

While it’s been reported that Ludacris attended Oak Park and River Forest High School in Illinois and later graduated from Banneker High School in Atlanta, there’s

, Czarniak’s alma mater, for a short time. Czarniak asked him to set the record straight.

“One year, yep,” Ludacris said. “One year. Because my mother lived in Centreville and I moved from Chicago to there. It was for one year.”

Czarniak and Ludacris are both 37, so there’s a good chance they were at Centreville at the same time.