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Diamond Stone says his ACT score and Under Armour aren’t why he chose Maryland over Wisconsin

(Andy Manis/AP)

Don’t worry, Maryland fans. No matter how Wisconsin fares at the Final Four this weekend, Terrapins basketball commit Diamond Stone isn’t changing his mind about playing in College Park next season.

“No chance,” Stone told the Glenn Clark Radio Show on Monday. “I’ve made my decision and I’m a man of my word. I’m committed to Maryland, so that’s where I’m going to go. There’s no backing up.”

Stone, a 6-foot-10, 250-pound center out of Dominican High in Milwaukee, is a consensus top 10 recruit who “wants to bring back a championship to College Park.”

In the days since he committed to Maryland last Friday, Stone has read all sorts of theories about why he isn’t going to Wisconsin. He’s also been subjected to vitriol from angry Badgers fans on social media.

“I get all the tweets, calling me a traitor, swearing at me,” Stone said. “I just ignore all that, turn my notifications off.”

The worst thing he’s heard?

“I got a three on my ACT, that was probably the worst,” Stone said. “It’s impossible, I don’t understand. Wisconsin fans are trying to find every little thing to get at me. My guidance counselor [asked me], ‘Do you want me to post your scores online to people know?’ I got a 20 on the ACT and I was all fine to go to Wisconsin. I could’ve went to Wisconsin, but I feel like Maryland is the place for me.”

Stone said that Under Armour, which sponsored his AAU team, didn’t play a factor in his decision to commit to Maryland, but the Terps’ strength coach did.

“The strength and conditioning coach for Maryland, Kyle [Tarp], he played a huge role,” Stone said. “He transformed Alex Len’s body. I feel like he could do the same with me. Coach Turgeon played a huge role, his coaching ability.”

Stone said working with Tarp will be among his top priorities when he gets to College Park.

“I have all the skills, I have everything that I need, I just need to transform my body,” Stone said. “I’ll be going to Kyle every day.”

Stone is in Chicago this week for the McDonald’s all-American game. During Monday’s dunk contest, he showed off his passing skills with an assist from the bleachers to Kansas commit Carlton Bragg.