One of the first things Jerry Blevins did after being traded from the A’s to the Nationals in December 2013 was update his Twitter avatar. The lefty reliever didn’t bother with Photoshop, opting for efficiency over authenticity.

After being

, Blevins thanked Nationals fans for his one season in D.C. and solicited help from Mets fans in designing him a new avatar.

“Some of us just pull up our bootstraps and do it ourselves,” Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy tweeted Blevins. “…You’re soliciting free labor, you mooch.” Whatever you call them, Blevins received no shortage of suggestions.

But one submission stood out, um, above all others.

Armed with his new MS Paint avatar, Blevins faced his former teammates Tuesday at Space Coast Stadium. In his first appearance for the Mets, Blevins struck out Bryce Harper on three pitches.