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Shirt swap promotion aims to eradicate Syracuse, Villanova T-shirts from Georgetown campus

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
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There’s an epidemic of non-Hoyas college apparel on the Georgetown campus and it must be stopped.

“I walk around campus and I’m shocked with the stuff that [students] wear,” Georgetown director of marketing Chris Grosse said. “A girl in Marquette sweatpants, or a guy in a Villanova or Harvard shirt. At the gym, it’s insane.”

Grosse’s department has a plan to combat the problem. Students and other fans who attend the Hoyas’s lacrosse doubleheader on April 11 can exchange their non-Georgetown college T-shirts for Georgetown T-shirts as part of the school’s shirt swap promotion.

There’s more. A three-point system will determine which of four different Georgetown T-shirts — ranging from a dri-fit, Jordan brand ‘Take Flight’ shirt (three points) to a couple of different gray ‘We Are Georgetown’ shirts (one point) — swappers receive in exchange for their donated shirts.

T-shirts of hated rivals Villanova and Syracuse will be worth three points. Shirts of Big East (non-Villanova), ACC (non-Syracuse), Big Ten and Ivy League schools will be worth two points. All other college shirts will be worth one point. (One could elect to swap three, one-point shirts for a three-point Georgetown shirt, or swap a three-point Syracuse or Villanova shirt for three, one-point Georgetown shirts, etc.)

“We devised the points system to hopefully entice some kids who might have that Syracuse shirt in the back of their closet to get rid of it,” Grosse said. “We’ll take any and all shirts. It’s kind of like an arcade when you redeem your tickets.”

Grosse said the traded-in shirts will be donated to the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless.

“We have a ton of awesome students that have always supported Georgetown,” Grosse said. “But when you see a Villanova shirt or a Syracuse shirt on campus, you’re like, ‘What are you thinking?’ Why not try to get them into Georgetown gear?”