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Nationals to offer a Virginia-themed food stand this season

Chicken biscuits will be available at the Virginia Biscuit Company stand. (Kelyn Soong/The Washington Post)

Instead of following the recent ball-park trend of introducing a single eye-popping and sometimes stomach-churning concession item, the chefs at Nationals Park opted to go with concepts that would appeal to fans of all ages and those from the D.C. area.

Two of the main new concession stands available for fans at Nationals home games this season will be Throwin’ Cheese, which will feature three types of grilled cheese sandwiches, and the Virginia Biscuit Company, which will sell a selection of homemade Virginia biscuit sandwiches, Virginia wine and beer and a popcorn mix with smokey-bacon infused caramel, Virginia peanuts and hints of bourbon.

By having a Virginia-themed stand at Nationals Park, all three local regions will be represented, with Ben’s Chili Bowl for D.C. and Chesapeake Crab Company for Maryland.

“We want to give [the fans] something that their taste buds are familiar with,” David Peterson, the executive chef for Levy Restaurants at Nationals Park, said at Wednesday’s media tour. “I wanted them to have some comfort food while they’re having their beer or soda and watching baseball.”

Peterson added that it was a conscious decision to avoid offering an extreme concessions item or challenge that involved consuming a large amount of food.

“We did StrasBurger, which was an eight-pound burger, a couple seasons ago. [It was a] great success, but as you see, there’s a lot of children that come to the park,” he said. “So instead of doing a two-foot or eight-pound, or deep-fried with all the gimmicks, we wanted to focus on great ingredients and local ingredients.”

Also new this season will be Enzo’s Pizza, a New York style pizza chain, and Leilani Shave Ice. The Red Porch restaurant will feature new menu items, including Korean barbecue steak tacos, chicken meatball Banh Mi, crab and corn hush puppies and a mozzarella and eggplant sub.

Those looking for drinks will have the option of visiting the Captain’s Cove, a new bar located in Section 132 that offers a variety of Diageo’s premium brand spirits, and trying the limited-edition Sam Adams Nats’ 10th-anniversary IPA, which will be offered at various locations.

Here’s the full list of new food items and where they are located:

Throwin’ Cheese (Section 130):

  • Triple Play with provolone, Swiss and cheddar cheese
  • Throwback with bacon and tomato on Texas toast
  • The Heater with turkey, guacamole and pepper jack cheese

Virginia Biscuit Company (Section 113) – Coming in May:

  • Virginia country ham biscuit with cheddar and apple butter
  • Country fried steak biscuit
  • Chicken biscuit with firecracker ranch
  • Virginia Crunch: popcorn mixed with Virginia peanuts, smokey-bacon infused caramel and bourbon

Captain’s Cove (Section 132):

  • Variety of Diageo’s premium brands, cocktails on tap and draft beer

Red Porch restaurant:

Enzo’s Pizza (Sections 115, 210, 229 and 310):

  • New York style thin crust cheese, pepperoni and in-season specialty pizza
  • Selection of wines

Leilani Shave Ice (Sections 143 and 229):

  • Hawaiian Shave Ice