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Nationals partner with White House Historical Association — get ready for your Calvin Coolidge bobblehead

(Via Harris & Ewing/Library of Congress via <a href="">PBS</a> )
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The Nats have long embraced their status as the capital’s team, playing up their politico fanbase, sprinkling images of federal buildings into their promotional materials and having giant-headed presidential mascot creatures run around their stadium and represent the franchise in public.

The historical love only expanded when giant William Howard Taft arrived; the presidents are now an invaluable part of the team’s marketing strategy. And so this week brings the next step: a formal, multi-year partnership with the White House Historical Association.

Included in this partnership: a Calvin Coolidge bobblehead giveaway this season, signage on the Nationals Park left-field garage honoring a Coolidge first pitch, in-game White House history quizzes and the sale of the annual Official White House Christmas ornament. This year’s ornament honors Coolidge (and prominently features baseball imagery). A Nats press release notes that “Coolidge is recognized as being closely tied to the Washington Senators during his administration,” that first lady Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge “was known as the First Lady of Baseball, and that “Coolidge Luck was often touted for the Senators winning two of their three pennants while he was in office.”

The WHHA is a non-profit, non-partisan educational group supported by private donations. It has not previously partnered with professional sports teams. The partnership is expected to have further elements, although I’m not sure it can get much better than a Silent Cal bobblehead.