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Nationals pump up the slow jams during visiting team’s batting practice

If you’ve been in the ballpark early enough to see the Mets take batting practice in this short season, you’ve been treated to some tremendous musical numbers. And by that, I mean, decidedly slow ballads that really don’t get you in the mood for baseball at all. The gimmick caught the attention of a few writers and fans on opening day, and before Thursday’s day game, the early comers were treated to Elton John, Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O’Connor.

That’s Curtis Granderson and David Wright trying their best not to laugh. The whole bit is a tad hacky, but it’s definitely hilarious. The team isn’t taking itself too seriously about it, either.

“We like to be fun and creative with our in-game entertainment and the songs we play during visiting team batting practice is part of the show. So, we’ve selected some of Billboard’s top music set to a slower jam to wash over the field,” said Valerie Camillo, Nationals chief revenue and marketing officer. “Hopefully our fans will find it funny and maybe we can even get a smile out of some of the visiting team players.”

I once went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game on Coney Island and the promotion was Ladies Night. For every single visitor’s at-bat, the walk-up music was Beyonce or some other fabulously glamorous disco track. It was brilliant.

So yes, more of this, please, Nationals.

(Footage courtesy @chelsea_janes)