Since we’re unashamedly on the ultimate frisbee beat in these parts, let’s take a look at the latest local action from the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL.) The DC Breeze beat the Ottawa Outlaws, 23-19, on Saturday. In the clip above, your eye will obviously be drawn to the lengthy throw and catch between Jarnail Bajwa and David Boylan-Kolchin, but I’d like to direct you toward some other things.

Number one is the soundtrack. That’s not just any old royalty free music: those are the sounds of Nighttime Adventure Society, a locally based indie rock band. That song is called “Doctor, Doctor” from their album “Past Life.” They happened to play a set at the DC Breeze’s opening day match against Toronto.

Lastly though, I’d like to point to the men in stripes. As a fringe sport, ultimate players are certainly not stars, which means the people who officiate their games probably get even less credit. But look at this guy’s focus. Not only is he in great position to see the grab, he doesn’t just hand over the score to Boylan-Kolchin just because he cut down the distance to the disc. The ref made sure he earned it.

Nice play, nice call, cool song. Winner.