Washington sports fever โ€” catch it! (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Capitals, Wizards and Nationals had pulled off the D.C. Sports Trifecta before โ€” heck, they did it earlier this month โ€” but not like this. Not anything close to this.

In the span of about 12 exhilarating minutes Tuesday, Nicklas Backstrom scored an overtime goal on Long Island to even the Capitals-Islanders series at two games apiece, the Wizards polished off the Raptors in Toronto to bring a 2-0 lead back to D.C. and Yunel Escobar hit a walk-off home run at Nationals Park.

It marked the first time in six tries that the Capitals and Wizards won playoff games on the same day, and for a fan base so used to disappointment, it was almost too much to comprehend.

Optimistic local radio producer Matt Valdez won his parlay and finished with a nice profit, even after hedging in extra innings of the Nationals game. SportsCenter took notice, and boy, the Wizardsโ€™ new primary logo has never looked better. Fans and media members alike celebrated and marveled at one of the greatest nights in D.C. sports history.

Hey, now. Redskins players were happy, too.