A view from the press box at Camden Yards, two hours before game time. (Clinton Yates/The Washington Post)

BALTIMORE — To call this situation weird would be an understatement, yet everything about Wednesday’s Orioles-White Sox game at Camden Yards feels normal, except for the non-existent crowd. The music is here, the reporters are ever-present and the PA system is blasting top 40 hits and classic rock. White Sox players are stretching and some Orioles are throwing a football around in the outfield. Tennis is on the press-box television. The scoreboard is doing scoreboard things.

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But the concourse is completely dead. Everything is closed, and prepared food products are just sitting on carts strewn about. The food workers aren’t here, but the hospitality and PR team are, and they couldn’t be nicer. From the train, I saw an MTA bus with “Go Orioles” flashing on the front. Outside of the park, it seems to be business as usual so far, a regular lunch with construction workers building and office types buying sandwiches. The din of police sirens is in the distance and there is constant helicopter noise overheard.

The press box windows are open and it’s a beautiful day. The scouts are taking notes. Aside from the crowd and the concourse, this feels like a perfectly normal day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Here are some photos.

While today’s attendance is zero, the season total is still rather robust.

Nothing doing at Old Bay Seafood.

A view from the 3rd base line at Oriole Park.

Once the game starts, this will likely be a remarkably more bizarre situation. We’ll have more as the day progresses.