Now that the Wizards are in the second round of the playoffs, rapper Styme (pronounced Stai-Mee) has released another song to support the squad in their RUN TO THE NBA FINALS next matchup in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. This year’s track is called “DCRising” an obvious homage to the the team’s marketing hashtag, produced by Curt da Great and Young Moses, two people Styme collaborates with regularly. If you missed last season’s ditty, “Im Gettin It In,” you can check that out below.

The song is probably better than the previous season’s track, but falls flat in what we like to call the “You Da Man” scale. As that banger is the pinnacle of every D.C. sports song ever made, it is the scale by which we judge all else. Needless to say, the bar is high.

“I’m basically the only guy in the city with a song. … Everybody’s showing love to the song, I think it’s a great anthem. I didn’t go through the Wizards with the song,” Styme, a Dunbar High School graduate said Thursday. “I just put it out myself as a die-hard fan.”

This video was filmed entirely at the Verizon Center (where he works) Tuesday and has some pretty solid production value, so that’s a bonus. But when the performing artist wears exactly zero Wizards’ gear himself, you’ve got to wonder how much of an actual fan he is. Nonetheless, Styme’s rhymes about hoops are pretty strong and the hook channeling T-Pain is definitely quality.

Where things get fascinating are in the artist’s choice of shoutouts. In order of appearance in the song: Rasual Butler, John Wall, Paul Pierce (referred to only as The Truth), Otto Porter, Bradley Beal, Nene (The Big Brazilian), Ernie Grunfeld, Randy Wittman and Ted Leonsis. That’s it. No mention of Kris “Secret Weapon” Humphries, though? For shame.

The song gets a 3 out of 5 on the “You Da Man” scale. It’s got heart though.

“I’m just doing something for the city, to get the city pumped up for the playoffs as usual. I don’t want no money off of it, I ain’t looking for that,” Styme said. “I’m just doing it for my city and hope that I’m representing them well with it.”