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D.C. mayor asks Twitter followers if they want a Redskins stadium in Washington. The responses were not positive.

Aerial shot of the last Redskin game at RFK Stadium in 1996.. (Dudley M. Brooks/The Washington Post)
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D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has been walking a delicate line when discussing Washington’s most popular sports franchise. She’s said repeatedly that she thinks the Redskins should play their home games in the District, but she’s also said that she thinks the team should change its name.

“People love this team, and they want them back in Washington,” she said in November, later adding that she thinks the team “deserves a fresh start” with its name.

“I feel also strongly that for our Washington football team to win, they have to come home,” Bowser said in January. “I think they have to change their name, but we will get to that conversation.”

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The process has continued, with the team perhaps putting pressure on the city by noting there have been “no substantive talks” about a new stadium “for many years.” But Bowser apparently hasn’t given up. And so Tuesday morning, her official mayoral account tweeted out a question to her 11,000 followers: “Don’t you want to bring our Washington football team back home?”

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Bearing in mind that Twitter is a bit of an echo chamber, and that her followers aren’t necessarily representative of her voters, and that this is a tiny number of people, the responses nevertheless seemed noteworthy. If there were any positive responses, I missed them.

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