Pets aren’t allowed at Nationals Park when the Nationals celebrate Pet Day on Aug. 27, but fans who purchase a special Pet Day ticket will receive a Nationals player pet calendar. If you like pets and the Nats, you’re going to like this calendar.

On Tuesday, several players and their wives provided a sneak peek at what to expect in the calendar. It appears the dawwwwwww adorable quotient will be high.

Look at Ryan Zimmerman and his doggies, Miley and Linus:

Here’s one of Doug Fister’s Great Danes, who probably isn’t named Dog.

At least one fan wanted to know if Fister’s cat, Mr. Hiss, would make an appearance, because Mr. Hiss is pretty much the coolest cat in Meowjor League Baseball.

Alas, Fister’s wife Ashley shared another photo and explained that Mr. Hiss isn’t much of a dog lover.

Too bad, Mr. Hiss. You missed out on a chance to hang with Drew Storen and Bryce Harper’s pups.

Max Scherzer’s dogs may have already worn out their welcome at Nats Park.