D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told a radio station this week that she has reached out to the Redskins about returning to the District, and that the team’s “heart’s desire is to be in Washington.”

The Post reported last month that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is aggressively courting the team, whose lease at FedEx Field expires in 12 years. McAuliffe, The Post reported, has pitched multiple stadium sites in Loudoun County, while team officials have had no meaningful stadium talks with District leaders for months.

Maury Lane, a Redskins spokesman, told The Post then that the team and the city have had “no substantive talks for many years,” a fact that was frustrating team officials. In that context, WMAL morning host Larry O’Connor brought up the stadium issue Tuesday morning.

“The Redskins are actively looking for a new place , for a new home, and Terry McAuliffe over in Virginia is being very welcoming,” he began. “I know you want the Redskins to be back in Washington D.C. Are you putting together a plan, and does that plan require a name change?”

“Well Larry, you know there’s only one place for the Washington Redskins, and that’s at RFK,” Bowser replied. “We know that, they know that, and they want to be winners, and we want them back home. So we have our Events DC [organization] working on a number of scenarios at RFK Stadium that include a stadium, but also would include scenarios where there are play spaces and parks and other types of development. And what I’ve told them is we don’t just want a stadium, but we also want those parcels to serve as play spaces for the surrounding community. So we’re working on it. I’ve reached out to the team to let them know that there’s really only one place for the Washington Redskins.”

“And owner Dan Snyder says there’s only one name for this team, and that’s Redskins,” O’Connor then said. “Are you okay with that, and are your colleagues on the council okay with it?”

“I don’t think most people are okay with a name that offends so many people,” Bowser said. “But the bottom line is, for that franchise, I know that their heart’s desire is to be in Washington, and I think most Washingtonians agree.”