(By John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Wizards lost a 21-point fourth quarter lead to the Hawks on Saturday, but that was ok, because it just set up Paul Pierce to make his latest bit of playoff magic. He banked in a jumper with no time on the clock, giving Washington a 103-101 win and a 2-games-to-1 series lead.

“I’ve been in that situations millions of times,” Pierce told ESPN after the game. “Caught the ball in my sweet spot, and I just wanted to make sure we got the last shot with no time on the clock….I had a small guy on me. I had it at the elbow. What more could you ask for if you’ve got Truth at the elbow with the game on the line.”

“Did you call bank?” Chris Broussard asked.

“I called game,” Pierce said. “Game!”

And then he walked off again.

Those were Pierce’s first points of the fourth quarter. Kind of big ones.

Oh, and in the ensuing celebration, Bradley Beal landed possibly more punches than were landed in Pacquiao-Mayweather.

(Thx to @thecauldron)