Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has said that she believes the Redskins need to change their name. But she also continues to use the word “Redskins” in interviews, as last week, when she told WMAL “there’s only one place for the Washington Redskins, and that’s at RFK.”

During yet another discussion about a potential stadium during a press conference last week — the topic was raised by reporters, not by the mayor — Bowser was asked about this issue. The dialogue:

Reporter: Why do you think the name should be changed?
Bowser: It’s offensive to many people.
Reporter: Then why do you continue to use it?
Bowser: I don’t.
Reporter: You just did
Bowser: I may have slipped and used it.

Bowser had previously been asked if changing the team’s name would be a condition for the team potentially returning to the District. Her response included the name of the team.

“Well, I did say that I thought that RFK was the best place for the Washington Redskins to locate, and I think that team officials have said as much,” she said. “They have, in fact, tried to replicate RFK Stadium in their designs for a future stadium, including how the seats bounce. We also know that the infrastructure is there and can accommodate fans. So we are exploring — as I expect everybody thinks I would — the best use for those parcels.

“Our soccer team is going to be leaving that stadium, and we’re going to have a big empty stadium in a couple of years,” Bowser went on. “Events DC has, for the last I think at least year, been evaluating scenarios for the use of those parcels. And as a Council member, I think you know I signed onto a resolution and I agree with so many people who think that the time has come to evaluate the name.”

But would changing the name be a condition for having the team return to Washington?

“I think having a discussion about the team returning to Washington is the first thing that I want to do as it relates to that issue,” she said.

And have there actually been talks between city officials and the team? More dialogue:

Bowser: We’ve reached out to the team.
Reporter: Did they respond?
Bowser: Yes.
Reporter: And so has there been a meeting?
Bowser: We’ve reached out to the team. That’s as far as it’s gone.