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Meet Paperboy Prince, the flashiest Wizards fan of them all

Paperboy Prince shows off his signature look at Verizon Center during the regular season. (Photo courtesy David Porter/Next Generation Entertainment)

You’ve probably seen him at a game and didn’t realize it. The yellow Game Boy necklace is impossible to miss and the ostentatious getups are rather remarkable as well. He goes by the name of Paperboy Prince, as in the prince of the suburbs. And among the kooky cast of characters that make up the more fun side of the Wizards’ fan base, he’s a fixture.

He’s got a new video out for a song titled “Abracadabra,” off his two month-old mixtape “Young Wizard.” The project features songs titled “Kris Humpreys,” and “Wizard Girl,” so, you get the idea. Although the tracks are rather tangentially related to the basketball players, he’s definitely a supporter of the squad.

“The Wizards are a stunning 15-1 when Paper is behind the bench,” he claims. “Many Wizards are known to laugh at [his] antics behind the bench.”

A native of Baltimore who moved to Prince George’s County when he was 12, Paper, as he refers to himself, was not used to the affluence of the jurisdiction when he first arrived. As America’s richest majority black county, it was obvious to him even as a kid that his new neighborhood in Bowie was different.

“I came from the hood with roaches in our house,” he said Wednesday. “Then we moved to Bowie, once my parents got a better job and I got to live in PG county where black people have nice cars, big houses and college degrees. Things all foreign to me as a Baltimore native. This whole experience is what heavily influenced my first mixtape “The Paper Route,” he said.

He was a legit paperboy, delivering the Bowie Blade-News on his skateboard. His highest athletic achievement is “Most Improved – Bowie High School Basketball JV” according to his Facebook page. He’s a YouTube personality with legit rap skills, but his new video is a product of a style he developed while performing overseas.

My style has changed because I moved to Spain and North Africa for a year to become fluent in Spanish and to tour Europe with my art. I had really great lyrics but they went over most of the crowds head in Europe because they couldn’t understand the fast English I was speaking in my raps,” he explained. ” I want people to understand me first, The most intelligent people don’t use big words, they make complex things simple so even a child can understand, and that’s what I did. I started speaking from the heart and freestyling all my songs only writing here and there. The whole Young Wizard tape is a freestyle.”

The video, as frenetic as it may appear, is completely hilarious. Shot entirely on a selfie-stick, the whole production is as DIY as it gets. Bradley Beal, G-Man, John Wall and Kris Humphries all make cameos, and if you’re easily dizzy, it might trouble you.

Paper is a recent graduate of Maryland, where he honed his performance skills. For as ridiculous as his whole bit is, there’s something endearing about his no-qualms style.

He says he plans to be at Game 6 Friday night. He typically sits not far behind Ted Leonsis during the regular season, but who knows where he’ll be for his postseason game this year.

“Paperboy is just really motivated,” one local Wizards blogger told me. “Dresses up everywhere he goes, including Wiz games. Weird raps, hippy friendly, working like crazy. Dunno him at all, just admire his hustle.”

As for that, he has no shame in his game whatsoever. “I dress like a wizard daily and live a wizard lifestyle,” Paper says, whatever that means. “I’ve rapped about the Wizards and Pizza in France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Holland, New York, Texas. I’ve gotten feedback from all over the world so I’d be a fool if my music and style didn’t reflect that.”