Buzz Williams’s tie game is not always the strongest. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Buzz Williams has only been head coach at Virginia Tech for one season, but it was a decidedly unsuccessful season, as the Hokies went 11-22 (in fairness, they went 9-22 the year before under James Johnson). Combine that with Williams’s, shall we say, distinctive appearance, and you have plenty of fodder for Internet snark.

Apparently, the folks who help Williams with his Web site were all too aware of said snark, because they put together a video in which the coach reads “Mean Tweets” about himself, with a nod toward the popular segments on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Williams plays along wonderfully with the bit, laughing at loud at most of the tweets. He also reveals some interesting facts about himself:

  • He thinks Henchman is an actual, specific comic-book villain
  • All the stress of his job makes his neck wider
  • He may have some weight issues, but he’s “not near as heavy as [Charles] Barkley”
  • In true gym-rat fashion, he has no idea who Channing Tatum is, let alone how to pronounce the “Magic Mike” actor’s name (“Chaining”)
  • He’s all too aware of the Curly comparisons

In short, the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, is two and a half minutes of pure entertainment. Take a look: