The magic of baseball is that on any given night, you might see something at the ballpark that you’ve never seen before.

Tuesday night, at least some fans at Nats Park saw something they’ve never seen before.

Before the game began, a woman in right field threw her cell phone to Bryce Harper, who took a selfie on the field and then tossed the phone back, leading to this amazing photograph.

Updated: Harper said after the game that he saw fans trying to take a selfie with him in the frame, so he volunteered to help.

“I went over there and said, ‘Hey, toss me the phone and I’ll do it for you,’ ” Harper told the AP, describing the photo as “pretty good.”

The phone belonged to Jamie Roach, a retail manager from Laurel, according to the AP.

“It was very awesome,” she said. “The feeling like a kid in a candy store.”

Harper told the AP he was “just messing around a little bit with the fans. Enjoying it with them a little bit. It’s always fun.”