(NBC Courtesy photo)

In case there was any doubt, Red Zebra announced this week that Redskins legend Sonny Jurgensen will return for the 2015 season, his 35th straight calling Washington games on the radio.

Jurgensen, of course, is the lone holdout from the beloved trio of Frank, Sonny and Sam, which formed in 1981 and was a hallmark of the Super Bowl years. For the third straight season, Redskins Radio Network broadcasts will feature a booth of Larry Michael, Jurgensen and Chris Cooley, with Doc Walker providing analysis and interviews from the sidelines.

“We are thrilled to have Sonny with us again this season,” Red Zebra chief executive Rick Carmean said in a release. “Sonny is a longtime fan favorite and a definite mainstay in the Washington D.C. sports landscape. His unique perspective during the broadcast gives Redskins fans something that is irreplaceable.”

While Jurgensen has chimed in less frequently during broadcasts in recent years, there remains a sense that he is uniquely plugged in. Before the 2014 season finale, for example, he offered this comment about the 2015 quarterback situation.

“Well, that’s going to be a competition, yeah, but it’s going to be Robert.”

Several weeks later, Jay Gruden essentially said that there’s going to be a competition, but it’s going to be Robert.

There will be at least some behind-the-scene changes on the radio broadcasts this year. Chuck Sapienza, ESPN 980’s longtime program director, was also the executive producer of Redskins radio broadcasts. He resigned this spring in the wake of the delayed launch of “The Man Cave.”