Jordan Zimmermann douses Max Scherzer with chocolate syrup. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Anthony Rendon applied the base coat, a cooler full of yellow Gatorade that drenched Max Scherzer, who had just become the second Nationals pitcher to toss a no-hitter. Jordan Zimmermann, author of the Nationals’ first no-no in the same ballpark last September, was about to make Scherzer the first two-time recipient of the celebratory chocolate syrup shower he introduced.

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But Saturday’s chocolate-covered Scherzer celebration was sweeter than last Sunday’s in Milwaukee, and not only because it came after the Nationals ace allowed one fewer hit. It was also sweeter because it featured more than one bottle of chocolate syrup.

Mark Lerner hugs Scherzer. (Via MASN)

After Scherzer shared a chocolatey hug with Nationals principal owner Mark Lerner, Ryan Zimmerman, a chocolate syrup victim himself following his walk-off home run last month, doused the pitcher with a second bottle. Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth emerged from the dugout with bottles three and four.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Werth also doused MASN reporter Dan Kolko, who eventually got to ask Gloppy-lookalike Scherzer about his first career no-hitter.

(Via MASN)

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“Coming out for the seventh, you hear the crowd going nuts,” Scherzer said. “Everybody starts getting on their feet, they start cheering for all those two-strike counts. I’m telling you, that just pumps me up on the mound. The louder they get, the more and more I want to do it. And I was able to just go down there and get nasty, and just find a way to finish it out.”

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Nasty is right, but Scherzer relished the celebration.

“That’s just a great feeling,” he told reporters. “I can’t describe it. That’s a cloud-nine moment.”

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