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Several people have remarked that the newest member of the Nationals’ Racing Presidents, Calvin Coolidge, bears a striking resemblance to Paulie Walnuts, Tony Sirico’s character on HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

Post colleague Petula Dvorak also says Racing Silent Cal has “patrician Mitt Romney hair and an ordinary face that must’ve been the bane of Jazz Age editorial cartoonists.”

Let’s just go with Paulie Walnuts. The resemblance is uncanny.

Coolidge, who made his debut on Friday and won the race after shoving Teddy just before the finish line, picked up another win Monday thanks to an assist from Mr. Nice Cream Cone.

“Guess who won?” MASN’s F.P. Santangelo said after a replay of Monday’s race. “Paulie Walnuts. If that’s not Paulie Walnuts, I don’t know who is. The new president is Paulie Walnuts.”

“I’m not familiar with him,” Bob Carpenter said. “Who is that?”

“From ‘The Sopranos,’ ” Santangelo said. “Come on.”

Santangelo also said “Paulie Walnuts” was his alias on the road for three years.

While we’re on the topic of presidential lookalikes, at least two — two! — different people have suggested that the Baltimore Orioles bobblehead the Bowie Baysox will give away on July 19 resembles President Obama.

(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; Courtesy of the Bowie Baysox)

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