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Nats’ Racing Presidents dress up as Star Wars characters

(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)

Amid thousands of fans in Star Wars shirts and costumes and hats and helmets and masks, and dozens of Star Wars-themed alterations and accompaniments to Sunday’s Nats game, this was perhaps the biggest attraction: the Racing Presidents in their own custom Star Wars get-ups.

The notable Americans with massive heads were mobbed when they strolled through the center field plaza about an hour before the game, posing for hundreds and hundreds of photos as fans gawked at the costumes: George Washington as Darth Maul, Thomas Jefferson as Leia, Abe Lincoln as Darth Vader, Teddy Roosevelt as Chewbacca and Calvin Coolidge, of all people, as Luke Skywalker.

“You heard it here first: Let the Wookiee win,” said Scott Ableman, the founder of Let Teddy Win, which supports Teddy and Chewie with equal passion. Unfortunately, Darth Maul (Washington) defeated Luke (Coolidge) in a lightsaber duel, and then crossed the finish line first.

We’ll have much more on Star Wars Day a little later.