Colleen and Tony Serra with their son, Camden, and daughter, Yardley at Camden Yards in June. (Courtesy of Colleen Serra)

Colleen and Tony Serra have attended every Orioles home opener together since 2010. When they were deciding on a name for their first child in October of that year, they wanted something that represented their shared love of baseball and Baltimore, where they met playing softball in 2009.

They named their boy Camden.

“Obviously, when you pick names for your kids you’re trying to think of things that are meaningful for both of you,” Colleen said. “We both grew up going to games. [Camden Yards] holds a special place in our hearts and it’s a place that we’re going to keep coming back to, so it just seemed fitting.”

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(Courtesy of Colleen Serra)

The couple got engaged at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. They married in 2013 and held their wedding reception at the Camden Club inside the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards. When they had their second child, a girl, this June, they doubled-down on the ballpark theme and named her Yardley.

Camden and Yardley.

“We are obviously obsessed with Camden Yards,” said Colleen, a Maryland graduate who said Yardley would’ve been named Cole (after the field house) if she had been born a boy.

Just as they did with newborn Camden, the Serras stopped for a photo outside the gates at Camden Yards with Yardley on their way home to Olney from the University of Maryland Medical Center. Yardley, whose middle name is Ruth in honor of the Baltimore-born Sultan of Swat, attended her first Orioles game 10 days later.

Tony with Camden in October 2010. Tony and Colleen with Yardley in June. (Courtesy of Colleen Serra)

The Serras aren’t the first couple to name their babies after ballparks. There’s a Fenway Parks and a Wrigley Fields. Last year, a young Orioles fan named Camden Yards attended a game…at Camden Yards.

“If you’re from around here and you’re a baseball fan, you get it, but if you aren’t, and you don’t say their names together, or if you say Yardley and Camden, then you might not put it together,” Colleen said of the reaction she’s received to her kids’ names.

“Most of the people say, ‘Wow, that’s fitting for you guys,”’ Tony said. “They go together like peas and carrots.”

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Camden is a member of the Junior Orioles Dugout Club and the Serras go to about a dozen Orioles games every year. Colleen’s parents are Nationals fans who keep trying to convince her to “join the dark side.”

“They’re our National League team,” Colleen said. “We’re too invested in the Orioles.”

If the Serras become even more invested in the Orioles in the form of a sibling for Camden and Yardley, Colleen said there’s a good chance his or her name will have a baseball theme.

“We’re going to have to be very strategic,” Colleen said. “It won’t be Eutaw. It won’t be Pickles. That’s going to take some creative juices. Maybe Cooper for Cooperstown.”

“Eutaw could be the middle name,” Tony said.