The Redskins announced several more changes to the game-day experience at FedEx Field in an e-mail to fans last week. Among them:

* The team’s marching band is moving back to the lower level — “due to popular demand,” according to the e-mail from Bruce Allen.

* There will be more game-day staffers in the stadium and parking lots, according to Allen’s note, including “dedicated Pedestrian Control staff to ensure cars can safely and efficiently travel in and out of the stadium.” Allen also wrote that there will be “better traffic control” on major intersections, and that staffers “will go through specialized training on an ongoing basis ensuring the stadium is clean and safe and our staff is helpful and courteous.”

*  There will be “more scores, stats and highlights” on the team’s video board, and the team’s radio broadcast “has been synced with the TVs throughout the stadium so the audio matches the video in real time.”

* There will be a new Redskins Rewards loyalty program for season-ticket holders, who will earn “yards” that can be “redeemed for various rewards including memorabilia, unique experiences throughout the year and more.”

* The Bud Light Pavilion outside the stadium will introduce “happy hour pricing” up to an hour prior to the start of games. There will also be “game day specials” on some of the team’s new concession items.

* Season ticket holders “will be the first to receive in-game player status updates, as well as news of team signings during free agency, trades, draft picks, and other transactions all season long via the Redskins Mobile App – even before the NFL or the media!”

Allen also detailed a variety of other previously reported changes, including new concessions items, a new parking system, and upgraded Wi-Fi. Season ticket holders, he wrote, will have free access to the Red Zone Channel via NFL Mobile.

“You took the time to tell us what you want,” Allen wrote. “We listened and will continue to listen to make our game day experience the best it can be.”

The Redskins have made several nods to the widespread dissatisfaction with their game-day experience during the offseason, including a letter from Allen to fans in March, and a fan forum in April. Allen’s note this month said the team ran surveys and focus groups, and “also worked with a number of stadium experts to determine what we can change right now, for this season, as part of our long term effort to be the best.” And he also made mention of on-field changes:

A few months back, I wrote to you about our continuing efforts to make the Redskins game day experience the best in all of sports. Getting better on the field and providing our fans an outstanding day at the stadium has been and will continue to be our goal.
It starts with football. In January, we began with the hiring of well-respected General Manager Scot McCloughan as well as key additions to the coaching staff. Free agency, ten drafts picks and other roster moves have made every aspect of the team better. Our offense, defense, and special teams should all be impacted in a positive way in 2015.

It goes without saying that if the game-day experience improves, and the on-field product does not, fans will likely remain unhappy.