ESPN asked 35 anonymous NFL insiders to place each of the league’s 32 projected starting quarterbacks into one of five tiers, with Tier 1 representing the best and Tier 5 representing the worst. The results of the second annual “Quarterback Tiers” project (Insider subscription required) were not kind to projected Redskins starter Robert Griffin III.

Griffin was placed in the fourth tier with an average ranking of 3.91. He ranked 28th among QBs after tying for 19th and being placed in the third tier last season. No QBs qualified for the fifth tier, but at least one of the insiders is convinced that’s where Griffin belongs.

“Five, and there’s no coming back,” one offensive coach said of Griffin. “He is done. The reason why is, the injury slowed his legs, and his ego will not allow him to hit rock bottom and actually grind his way back up the right way.”

Another respondent suggested Griffin is delusional and lacks humility.

“Griffin sees himself like Peyton [Manning], in that light,” a personnel director said. “When he looks in the mirror, he is seeing things that everybody else is not seeing. That is why I was surprised when they gave him the fifth-year [option] and said it was an easy decision.”

Griffin did receive one vote for Tier 2, from an optimistic GM who’s giving the fourth-year pro the benefit of the doubt while he adjusts to a new system. “He showed his rookie year that he could be a 1,” he said. “He is a young guy.”

Griffin is ahead of Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Matt Cassel and Geno Smith in ESPN’s rankings, which isn’t the company any QB would like to keep, but an improvement over his spot in Andy Benoit’s rankings for Sports Illustrated earlier this month. Cassel is the only starter Benoit placed below Griffin.

In an interview with Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, Benoit explained that, while Griffin is more talented than many of the other quarterbacks on his list, his bad traits and weaknesses are holding him back.

Like ESPN, Benoit compiled his rankings based on each team’s projected starter. But in a Q&A with Ben Standig, the new publisher of’s Redskins site Breaking Burgundy, Benoit said Griffin would rank third on his Redskins QB depth chart. (What does that say about Cassel?)

“I think Griffin is going to be the starter in D.C.,” Benoit said in the interview published Monday. “If I were the one making the decision — I went over my Redskins notes extensively last night — I’d put Colt McCoy number one, Kirk Cousins two and Griffin three in that pecking order.”

Benoit reiterated that, when it comes to ranking quarterbacks, he places a premium on players who minimize weaknesses. While McCoy isn’t an NFL starting caliber quarterback in his mind, and Kirk Cousins turns the ball over too often, he said Griffin “doesn’t have any sense right now of basic quarterbacking fundamentals.”

“He’s a running QB more than a throwing QB as well know, but he doesn’t run well any more,” Benoit said. “He’s got leaps and bounds to go just to being an average NFL quarterback.”

Benoit also told Standig that, despite Griffin’s potential upside, and assuming none of the Redskins’ three quarterbacks improves or gets worse between now and the start of the season, he would start McCoy in Week 1 against the Dolphins.

“It’s an offense that has no holes except at the most important position,” he said.