John Wall cares what people think about his fashion choices just as much as Bryce Harper cares what people think about his confidence. That is, not one bit.

“I’m going to be me,” the Wizards point guard said after Shaquille O’Neal and J.R. Smith, among others, made fun of the red-and-plaid-paneled jacket he wore during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. “I’m going to wear what John Wall feels comfortable with.”

Good for Wall, who also is plenty comfortable wearing sweat pants with a big ol’ frowning shark’s mouth over the crotch area. Pretty big week for sharks.

As Bullets Forever and others have pointed out, the shark sweat pants from A Bathing Ape don’t appear to be available online. You can order a pair of shark jeans for $386 and pair them with BAPE’s shark zip hoodies.

What would Colin Cowherd say? Probably something dumb.

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