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‘Hibachi’ lives! Gilbert Arenas revives catchphrase while winning prizes at a county fair

When Gilbert Arenas was traded away from the Wizards in 2010, he left behind one of the most up-and-down legacies in local sports history. Among the fonder memories Wizards fans have of the guard was his schtick of crying “Hibachi!” — as in, something hot enough to cook food — when he let a jump shot fly.

Arenas apparently brought back his catchphrase Sunday while on one of those hot shooting streaks. He provided evidence via his Instagram account, along with this caption:

“We just got banned from all the basketball hoops at #orangecountyfair…every one screamed #theRimsarebent I screamed #hibachi …#ArenasFamily #CountyFairRockstars”

Yes, the aforementioned hot shooting streak took place at a county fair. Okay, so it’s not quite like dropping 60 on the Lakers, but still, not bad for a guy who’s been out of the NBA since 2012.

And the “Hibachi!” callback certainly made for a happier Arenas update than the last time we heard from the mercurial ex-player. In June, he seemed to be in a darker place, posting video showing him destroying fancy cars with a cinder block, apparently in the throes of domestic unhappiness.

Of course, who wouldn’t have a smile on his face while posing with happy kids and wearing a donut-with-sprinkles hat?