(Via the Nationals)

Just in time for the summer divisional race and this weekend’s massive series against the Mets, the Nats announced on Wednesday the creation of about 10 D.C. baseball emoji, with more scheduled to arrive before season’s end.

The emoji — which will be released at @nationals on Twitter and Instagram, on the team’s Facebook page and on Snapchat — include both specific references to this season’s team and more generic Nats images. They will refer to players, promotional items, mascots, and team marks, and will include a Curly W, a patriotic Curly W, a baseball hat, a Curly W heart, racing Teddy Roosevelt, a chocolate syrup bottle, and players like Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, and Wilson Ramos.

Future emoji could be based on exciting or memorable in-game moments; there will eventually be a Web site where fans can download them all.

Just last week, the Ravens became one of the NFL’s first franchises to release a team-specific set of emoji.

Your suggestions for future Nats emoji are, of course, encouraged.

Note: An earlier version of this item referred to emojis rather than emoji.