If you’re going to get into a dance-off with any Mystics player, Stefanie Dolson is not the one to challenge. The WNBA all-star is a known ham and is always at ease on stage. But at the Wizards Girls auditions last month at Trinity University, G-Wiz found himself in a bad spot. When Silento’s “Watch Me” dropped, the Wizards mascot thought he had a chance. He did not.

Here’s the thing about that song. The dance in the chorus, which, obviously, is a combo of the whip and the nae nae, is one thing. But if you know the track, there are multiple other moves required to really complete the song. So, while the mascot actually outdid Dolson’s whip/nae nae game for the first 15 seconds, it wasn’t long enough. It’s like sticking to your opponent on defense for the full shot clock, not just until it gets to under five seconds.

Which is exactly where Dolson blew past G-Wiz. When the chorus switched to the “watch me, watch me” portion, the former U-Conn. center transitioned flawlessly and immediately to the Harlem Shake, while G-Wiz flailed around with a half-effort, thinking the proverbial possession was over. And we’re not talking the Harlem Shake video meme popularized by an EDM song by Baauer from a couple years back. She hit the actual Harlem Shake, originated in the 1980s in New York City.

She pushed him to the ground and continued to dance, all in pair of dope kicks. Strong outing from the all-star.

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