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Shaun King says Kirk Cousins should cancel his weekly radio spot

(By John McDonnell / The Washington Post)
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If you were tempted to think that Monday’s announcement of a weekly Kirk Cousins radio appearance on 106.7 The Fan was the most quintessentially Redskins moment of the week, you were wrong. Because that was trumped by Wednesday’s Shaun King appearance on the Junkies, when the former NFL quarterback brought up Cousins’s weekly radio gig on his own, saying he was “really disappointed” by the news.

“Kirk Cousins shouldn’t have a radio show,” King said. “He should not have a radio show. Let’s stop the flim-flammery. Listen, you tell Kirk I said this: cancel the show. Get somebody else. The backup quarterback doesn’t do a radio show. Nowhere in America does this transpire.”

I have no way of knowing whether or not this is true, but I would like to believe that Washington is unique in giving weekly in-season radio gigs to second- (or possibly third-) string quarterbacks. Grant Paulsen announced this news on Monday — that Cousins would be on his program every Tuesday at 10:50 AM — with some particularly enthusiastic language.

“We may be talking to the starting quarterback on the roster a handful of times after a Sunday performance,” Paulsen said. “And if he doesn’t move past [Robert] Griffin [III] on the depth chart — if Griffin plays well and stays healthy —  then we’re just talking to a guy who’s going to break the team down smarter and better than probably any other player on the roster can.”

Paulsen said Cousins will “get us closer to what’s going on out at Redskins Park, not only in the games that you’re seeing on Sundays but from the practice fields as well.” He said Cousins is “probably the best interview on the team,” describing him as “insightful, smart…a guy who’s just a cerebral and intuitive player.”

“Among other things,” Paulsen said, “he can get us closer to Robert Griffin, he can get closer to what’s going on with the football team. And I think he is going to be a guest who gives you a really nice behind-the-scenes perspective from the meeting rooms on what’s going on with the Redskins.”

Of course, in a town like Indianapolis, where you have a pretty good idea who will be the starting quarterback in Indianapolis, this might not be a big deal. In Washington, there’s probably a chance that people will be requesting a quarterback change at some point.

“At some point [Griffin will] play bad —  every quarterback in the National Football League plays bad,” King pointed out. “Think about if RGIII throws three interceptions, and then two interceptions, in Week 4 and 5. And now here you’ve got Kirk Cousins on a radio show. I mean, that’s just ridiculous. If I was Jay Gruden, I would step in and cancel that. ”

That’s unlikely to happen. Still, I wish some enterprising radio show would book the third-string quarterback to ask him whether the starting quarterback is likely to resent the backup quarterback’s weekly radio appearance.