Veteran news anchor Jim Vance has never been shy about weighing in on sports-related topics. The NBC Washington stalwart has offered opinions on the Redskins’ name (“vulgar“), the team’s quarterbacking situation and, recently, Bryce Harper’s ejection.

But Monday brought an exceptionally hot sports-related take, when the subject of giving kids participation trophies came up during the station’s 6 p.m. newscast. Vance’s stance? “Child abuse.”

Sports anchor Jason Pugh passed along Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s comments, made via Instagram, that he would be returning a pair of participation trophies given to his two young boys “until they EARN a real trophy.” Harrison added, “I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best.”

Pugh noted, pointedly, that Harrison’s children are “six and eight years old,” and the anchor made it clear that he disagreed with Harrison’s decision. That sparked this exchange:

Pugh: “Six and eight, and you take away participation …”
Vance: “Yes.”
Pugh: “Yes?”
Wendy Rieger: “Yes, absolutely.”
Pugh: “That is ridiculous … No.”
Vance: “You begin teaching your children from the moment they come into this Earth …”
Pugh: “Six years old?”
Vance: “It’s child abuse to give a kid a trophy that he has not earned. If a parent’s responsibility is to teach a kid how to deal with the real world, then that is child abuse. Because that’s not the real world.”

Pugh tried saying that he got a participation trophy and “turned out fine,” but his points were crushed beneath the hammer Vance was swinging. Rieger was on Vance’s side, saying, “He doesn’t want them to feel entitled, like everyone owes them something.”

The whole scene made for great television, even if Pugh was taken aback by Vance’s remarks. (Video of the exchange can be seen at this link.)