With fights breaking out all over the NFL two weeks into training camp, it’s time to check in on what’s up with our favorite local training camp fighter. Michael Westbrook, the former wide receiver — who quite famously beat his Redskins teammate Stephen Davis so badly in 1997 that the running back considered pressing charges at the time — was on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio Friday, where he talked about the old days.

Speaking with hosts James Lofton and Brad Hopkins, Westbrook appeared to be rather fired up when discussing the matter. He believes that social media has done nothing but amplify the amount of fighting seen at practice, rather than the actual number of scuffles being up.

“It is not happening more. It’s just obviously, we have social media. We have Twitter. We have 24/7 surveillance of everything that goes on in everybody’s lives. Period, point blank,” the black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist and ESPY award winner said. “Everybody’s except for mine’s. All I put on social media is what I want you to know.”

Then, out of nowhere, he decided to air out some dirty laundry.

“Like, in my training camp, two weeks before I’ve had the fight with Stephen Davis, Marvcus Patton punched Heath Shuler in the eye, knocked him out,” Westbrook said. “Nobody knew about that. Ever.”

As for whether or not facing off against a separate team increases the likelihood of a fracas, Westbrook definitely believed so.

“We’re same hat against same hat, day in and day out, and we’re kind of tired of that. So the minute we get to see some fresh color on the other side of us, we get hype. We get super, super hype. We’re ready to crack skulls, we’re ready to get blood from somebody else. Because these guys are trying to stop us from getting our goal,” he said. “And so the tension is raised 100-fold, because now I got new meat on the other side of me. And, if something happens, it’s going to be fights. Because I don’t like you anyway because I been kicking my own teammates’ butt for weeks. You know what I’m saying? Now, you’re over here. … Everything that happened to me during the whole entire training camp, I’m taking it out on you today. That’s what’s going down.”

Back in 1997, Westbrook’s antics almost netted him a criminal charge and he was fined $50,000 by the team. He later apologized for the incident.