WJLA’s Alex Parker has been blessing the D.C. sports market with gems this week, but Thursday he tweeted a couple of photographs of a new Nationals giveaway that features Jayson Werth. The pose is from the 2012 NLDS, when Werth hit a walk-off home run against the Cardinals on Oct. 12. It was arguably the most exciting moment in Nationals playoff history, and certainly worthy of commemoration.

But, this bobblehead? This is an abomination.

We won’t even bother with the whole “this thing doesn’t even really look like the guy” bit, because they never really do. That’s fine. But the open mouth? Yes, he did that, but in no way was that the iconic aspect of the play. The jump? Sure. But the state of his face was not.

You have to wonder: who greenlit this? Did they not realize that beyond looking marginally inappropriate, that it’s gross to just have something with a gaping hole in a head as the major feature? And since they didn’t, take a look at this.


So far this season, the Nationals giveaways have been solid. The Werth Chia Pet, the R2D2 beer coozy and the Livan Hernandez bobblehead were all solid. The Rendon Gnome coming up should be tremendous, as well. But don’t be surprised if after the Aug. 30 game against the Marlins, you start to see even more pictures of that doll that you wish you hadn’t.