(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

It’s increasingly easy to procure tasty local craft beers just about any place where you would drink beer. It’s even easy at local sporting venues like Nats Park, with its “District Drafts” carts and several local options throughout the stadium.

FedEx Field has been a different story, but there’s at least movement in the right direction. The team introduced a “Craft Beer Corner” this preseason, featuring Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, Port City Optimal Wit, Jail Break Infinite Amber and Jail Break Big Punisher.

The cart is located at Section 106 on the main concourse, and if it’s successful it could spawn more local craft options at the stadium.

There are also a few other non-Mango-Rita options for the discerning beer drinker who likes to go to Redskins games. Among them: bottled Flying Dog Snake Dog and Easy IPA at the two Flying Dog carts and at a few of the larger bars throughout the stadium, draft Fat Tire at the Guinness/Fat Tire portable stand, draft Goose Island products (312, IPA, Honkers Ale) in the club level, and a couple Draft Magic Hat locations. There are also a few imports, of the Guinness / Bass /Stella / Spaten /Corona / Becks variety. And there are a couple Labatt portables, and some places to get Yuengling on draft.

If you’re reading this, though, you’ll probably agree that the beer list could still stand  a few local craft additions, plus more than a single local craft cart. As mentioned, the team could reassess its selection based on how the new additions perform.

(And yes, there have been many complaints about excessive drinking at Redskins games — including in this space — so you might be wondering why I’m encouraging the team to stock more beers, and beers with higher ABVs. In my experience, the people who prefer Port City Optimal Wit are not likely to be the people screaming obscenities at children in the 400 level of FedEx Field. That’s just my impression though.)