In his first press conference with reporters since suffering a reported concussion against the Lions last Thursday, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was asked if there was any discussion with the coaching staff during the game that it might not be the best idea for him to go back in the game after being repeatedly hit in the first quarter.

“I mean, that’s the coach’s decision,” Griffin said. “As we like to say, I just work here, man. And, you know, I just want to go out there and every opportunity I get, just try to execute the plays like they need to be executed. Make a play when I have an opportunity, and let the coaches do the rest of that.”

Griffin’s response seemed to be part frustration, part honesty and another part resignation to the fact that the organization he plays for is not exactly the most well-run shop in the league.

A look back at the timeline of what’s happened in the week since that ugly night at FedEx Field reveals a lot of confusion, that started in the middle of the 21-17 victory.


“Bad news again, guys,” Redskins Broadcast Network sideline reporter Clinton Portis said after Griffin was led to the locker room by a group of trainers in the second quarter of last Thursday’s preseason game against the Lions. “RGIII is being evaluated for a right shoulder stinger, and also he’s going to have a concussion protocol done. So, guys are still going down, it’s bad news for the Washington Redskins right now.”

A few minutes later, Redskins broadcaster Joe Theismann provided an update on Griffin’s status.

“RGIII has been cleared, Kenny [Albert], but he will not return to the game,” Theismann said.

“As far as the concussion protocol,” Albert said.

Theismann reported that Griffin had cleared the concussion protocol at least two more times during the broadcast, but after the game, Redskins Coach Jay Gruden indicated that wasn’t the case.

“Robert, he had a concussion and he’s following the concussion protocol at this time,” Gruden said during his postgame press conference “Obviously he won’t be fielding any questions, but we’ll get a further exam and do all the things we have to do.”


Three days after the game, Griffin was back at practice and took all the first team reps both in individual, 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills.

“He was cleared for non-contact activity,” Gruden said. “And he’ll be checked by a neurosurgeon later this week to determine whether he’ll be cleared for the game. But so far, so good. He didn’t have any headaches or anything of that nature. He did a good job of executing the offense today.”

Griffin was not permitted to speak with reporters. Gruden had no answers when asked how his quarterback had made such a quick recovery. Maybe Russell Wilson sent him some NanoBubbles?

“I have no idea,” Gruden said. “He just went through the necessary steps with the doctors and the concussion steps that are implemented by our training staff and so far, he has taken the necessary steps. It’s been two full days and today’s Sunday afternoon, so he’s had some time to recover and go through the necessary steps. He hasn’t been totally cleared yet. Like I said, he’s still got to go to the neurosurgeon, but we’ll see.”

Tuesday and Wednesday

Griffin practiced again Tuesday and Wednesday with no setbacks.


Griffin was scheduled to meet with a neurologist on Thursday afternoon. Before that meeting, he fielded questions at Redskins Park for the first time since the Lions game and did little to clear up the confusion regarding his status and whether he actually suffered a concussion. 

Question: Can you take us through where you are in the concussion protocol? Have you seen the neurologist today, are you cleared to play Saturday and do you expect to?
Griffin: “I don’t know what coach has told you guys. My job isn’t to give you updates on that stuff, so I’m not going to. I’m following their lead, following their protocol, and hopefully I can get out there and play.”
Question: Obviously, you’ve been out there. Does it feel like you’ve suffered any concussion-like symptoms? How are you feeling?
Griffin: “I feel good, just trying to take care of everything and be as cautious as possible. It’s not about anything but my family and them caring for me and my well-being. I know my teammates care about me and have been asking about me every single day. But like I said, I’ll just follow the protocol and see what happens.”
Question: “I know there was some confusion out of the gate. Did you have a concussion, or was that a precautionary thing?”
Griffin: “You’ve got to talk to the people who report that stuff. I don’t report that stuff. I was in the locker room taking a shower, getting ready to watch the rest of the game. So, I don’t know.”
Griffin later said that his concussion against the Lions — if he, in fact, suffered one — would be the third of his career. He suffered one at Baylor and one during his rookie year.
Question: “Going back to the game, was it that last hit that gave you that concussion, or was that a cumulative thing do you think?”
Griffin: “Yeah, I have no idea. I just know I was in some pain, and the trainers came out, and that was it.”
Griffin might’ve been better off repeating that he was just focused on Baltimore.