Here’s RGIII in a Redskins uniform. Tell us below which uniforms might fit him better. ( Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

On Monday, Robert Griffin III lost his starting job to Kirk Cousins “for 2015,” capping a turbulent few years with the Redskins and potentially signaling an end to his time in Washington. So the question is: If the team and player do indeed go separate ways, where does the quarterback land?

Below, you can play the coach and tell us where RGIII fits on every depth chart in the NFL — from starter to backup to third stringer to even a member of the practice squad. The goal, of course, is to find the best — and weed out the worst — fits for Griffin.

Take a look at all 32 teams (yes, including the Redskins), in alphabetical order, and place your votes.

Robert Griffin III on NFL team depth charts

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