Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic on Wednesday announced that Rob Carlin will replace Chick Hernandez as co-host of “SportsTalk Live with Brian Mitchell” beginning Sept. 8. Hernandez, who began co-hosting the half-hour talk and debate show with Mitchell one year ago Tuesday, will return to covering the Redskins full time.

Carlin was one of CSN’s Redskins reporters last season.

“The Redskins is a fun beat,” said Carlin, who has also worked as an anchor and reporter for CSN’s Geico SportsNet Central and hosted Capitals pregame and postgame shows since joining the network in 2011. “It’s an interesting beat all the time. I’m glad I did it. It taught me how to cover a team in a lot of different ways, but once they came to me with this opportunity, it felt like a good fit.”

Carlin said he’s looking forward to sharing his opinion on “SportsTalk Live,” which airs weeknights at 10 p.m., and bringing the animated discussions he and Mitchell regularly have behind the scenes to the show.

“I don’t feel I’m wrong very often and neither does he,” Carlin said. “It’ll make for good debate. He does not back down.”

“SportsTalk Live” debuted in January 2012 with Mitchell and Ivan Carter as the hosts. After Carter left the network in November 2012, Mitchell was joined by a rotating cast of hosts until Nicole Darin was named his regular co-host in September of 2012. The rotating cast format returned after Darin left the network in June 2014, with various CSN personalities, including Hernandez and Carlin, filling in.