Last football season, the Maryland marketing department began giving out emoji T-shirts before home games. The shirts, which were usually red, featured the turtle emoji, the greater-than symbol and an emoji representing Maryland’s opponent.

Here was the shirt for when the Terps hosted the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Creative, right? Well, the emoji shirts are apparently back this season. Check out the shirt for Saturday’s opener against Richmond:

Hey, wait a minute…is that…an ant?

Yeah, that’s an ant, and Richmond’s athletic teams are most definitely the Spiders. Ants and spiders are quite different. One has six legs, the other eight. One is a nuisance at picnics, the other is terrifying.

The people responsible for designing the T-shirt know this. It wasn’t a mistake!

Sure, Maryland could’ve used a generic image of a spider, but I applaud the commitment to only using emoji. (Several of my colleagues vehemently disagree. If there isn’t an emoji, scrap the shirt, they say.)

Until the emoji library expands, acorns will do for Buckeyes, chicks suffice for Hawkeyes and, yes, ants are a fine substitute for spiders…even if it does potentially provide Richmond some locker room material.

Thanks to @_JakeRussell.