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Kirk Cousins is cool with being a boring game manager

(Photo by Matt Hazlett/ Getty Images)

During his appearance with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday, Kirk Cousins said he isn’t content with just being named the Redskins’ Week 1 starter for the first time in his four-year NFL career.

“I see the finish line being the end of this season, and hopefully we’ll look back at that point and feel good about what’s been accomplished,” Cousins said.

Cousins must be excited, then, to show fans that Gruden made the right choice by posting an eye-opening stat line or making highlight-worthy throws against the Dolphins on Sunday, right?

Nah. He’s fine with being boring.

“I think I’m trying to just take it one day at time, one game at a time, not try to show people something, not try to impress, but just try to stay within myself and embrace the process, take it one play at a time, just find completions,” Cousins said. “If anything, do the boring things that hopefully can lead to wins. I think if I can be just a boring game manager who makes good decisions, protects the football, finds completions, moves the chains, I don’t have to do anything that is going to make the fans’ jaws drop. But if we’re finding ways to move the football, we’re putting points on the scoreboard and ultimately we’re putting wins up on the scoreboard, the rest will take care of itself.”

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Paulsen asked Cousins why some quarterbacks bristle at the ‘game manager’ label.

“It carries with it the stigma or assumption that that’s all they can do, and if they manage the game, protect the football, that means that they can’t make the big play, they can’t make the big throw, they can’t do the stuff that is hard to coach.” Cousins said. “I’ve never felt like that’s the case with me. I feel like I can make the throws that need to be made in crunch time, I feel like I can make those plays that are going to make fans say, ‘Okay, this guy can play.’ But that’s not what it’s about. If I start to make it about that, I’m going to find myself in trouble a lot more than I’ll be in a good spot. For me, I think it’s just about staying within myself, letting the plays come to me. When they’re there and present themselves, great, take the shot. But when they don’t, check it down, find a completion, find a positive play. You know the old adage, you can’t go broke taking a profit. Be okay taking a small profit at times and hopefully avoid going broke. That will certainly be a focus for me, not only for Week 1, but this season as long as I play.”

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Cousins was also asked about Robert Griffin III making the Redskins’ 53-man roster.

“I think Robert, as an experienced player, knows how to handle the whole situation, the whole dynamic,” Cousins said. “I don’t see him being a distraction. I think he’s been very classy through this whole process. Both he and I have had ups and downs through the last three season. I’ve learned through adversity and through success that he’s handled things in a very classy way, so  I feel good about it going forward. I think everybody in the quarterback room is going to work together for the common good of the Redskins to find ways to get wins.”

Listen to the full interview here.