At some point in his career, Dexter Manley realized that he could get more laughs and feedback out of radio listeners by screaming something outrageous than by actually offering a measured opinion. This can be fun for everyone involved — sure, I laughed the time he threatened to break my genitalia, or when he said he would skip watching preseason football in favor of having sex. But he’s not actually saying these things for anything but the shock value.

Anyhow, with NFL Network set to debut a film about Manley’s life, he’s doing media appearances, which will lead to headlines featuring Manley saying outrageous things. Here’s one.

The former Redskins great started his interview with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Thursday morning with a fusillade of insults directed at Tom Brady, one of which had to be dumped by producers. Manley, you’ll recall, lost his gig with WTOP a few years ago after using a homophobic slur to describe Troy Aikman, for which he later apologized.

“First of all let me tell you something, let me ask you guys a question: who would you take, Joe Theismann or Tom Brady?” Manley began. “I’m taking Joe T. I’ve got a guy [at work], he loves Tom Brady, and I think Tom Brady, I ain’t gonna go there, but Tom Brady can’t even pack Joe Theismann’s jock. This [co-worker], that’s all we debate all day is about Joe Theismann or Tom Brady. I think Tom Brady can’t pick up a first down. He has no athletic skills, he’s surrounded by good people, but the guy is in the toilet, in my opinion. In my opinion he’s in the toilet.

“I’ll take Joe Theismann, I’ll take [Matt Ryan], anything over Tom Brady,” Manley went on. “I’ll take Joe Theismann first, I’ll take Matty Ice second, and I might take Doug Williams third, but I’m not gonna take Tom Brady to lead my team nowhere….Tom Brady is garbage. He can’t pick up a first down. He has no athletic skill. He’s surrounded by people, but Tom Brady is garbage. Garbage!!!!”

Matt Ryan? I mean, it doesn’t matter what he’s saying. He might as well have named Brandon Weeden, or John Beck. Regardless, he was asked why he’s so enthusiastic about Ryan.

“Matty Ice is a pure passer,” Manley said. “He can pick up a first down. I don’t know if he’s an athlete, he’s from Boston somewhere, but I’ll tell you what, he’s much better than Tom Brady.”

Manley went on to say many other outrageous things, some of which might appear later in this space. Who knows. Whatever.