(By Dan Steinberg / Washington Post)

While the Redskins have taken a great amount of (largely deserved) flak for the way they have treated fans in recent years, here’s a cool thing they introduced this year: the Season Ticket Wall of Fame.

The “Wall” — which is actually two displays on the 100-level of FedEx Field — includes two screens with a rotating list of all the season-ticket holders who have had accounts for 20 or more years, dating back to the RFK Stadium days.

(By Dan Steinberg / Washington Post)

Other local teams have made similar gestures; the Wizards, for example, list their longest tenured season ticket holders on a display in the Verizon Center concourse, and put all their plan holders’ names on the basketball floor last year, and the Nats put the names of their 10-year planholders in the on-deck circle.

When I checked the displays at Washington’s last home game, most fans were streaming by them without stopping. Some, though, paused to look for their names, or to pose for photographs in front of the displays.

The team is also recognizing one long-time season-ticket holder at every home game this season, according to Redskins.com. And another fan told me of receiving a personalized note from Bruce Allen, thanking him for his many years as a plan holder.

The new displays are located at sections 109 and 130.

(Note: This is the most positive day in D.C. Sports Bog history. Relish it.)

(By Dan Steinberg / Washington Post)