A couple of weeks after throwing out the first pitch at a Nationals game, the Redskins’ defensive line continued its tradition of bonding off the field. On Monday, several members of “Capital Punishment” attended Shocktober’s Paxton Manor in Leesburg, “the only REAL Haunted House in Northern Virginia.”

As the story goes, Jedediah Carver and his family were cast out of their home in Leesburg more than 100 years ago after Carver was found guilty of unorthodox acts of animal husbandry. Carver moved his family into the caverns beneath Paxton Manor, where they “thrived and multiplied,” according to Shocktober’s Web site, for many years.

The Carvers’ souls now haunt Paxton Manor, and they proved even scarier than Devonta Freeman to Capital Punishment. Here’s how Jason Hatcher described the experience on Instagram:

About last night. Capital Punishment went through a haunted house. Don’t judge us but we didn’t uphold the name. I guess we all got a lil girl scream in us. Lol. #HTTR #FTF #STRONGERTOGETHER #WEWASSCARED


I can’t stop laughing at this before and after photo, in which Ricky Jean-Francois looks genuinely spooked.