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My new favorite thing on sports television is ‘Skintangibles’


Longtime viewers of Comcast SportsNet’s Redskins Nation and/or longtime readers of this site are well aware of Washington’s superiority in football intangibles.

Every Friday, Larry Michael — a Redskins senior vice president and the host of Redskins Nation — picks Washington’s upcoming game. Every week, he hands out check marks denoting an advantage in offense, defense, special teams and intangibles. And every week, he picks Washington to win, while giving the Redskins the edge in intangibles.

Whether it started this way or not, the segment is now delivered with a bit of a wink, if I’m being honest. That wink became something grander in recent days, when the intangibles category was renamed “Skintangibles,” immediately becoming my choice for favorite new word of the year. And yes, Washington still has the edge.

“Looking at the offenses, I’m going to give the Redskins the check,” Michael began. “As far as offense goes, I think the Redskins ground game is going to get started in New York. Defensively, well, I think you’ve got to give both teams the check. Yes, the Jets have a great defense; the Redskins, though, not too shabby, finally getting some pressure on the quarterback and some turnovers.

“Special teams, eh, put it right next to the Jets,” Michael went on. “As far as the now-called Skintangibles, the Redskins are the more desperate team. They want to get to .500. Let’s put the check there. You can add up the checks; I’ve got the Redskins winning a very close game at the Meadowlands.”

Skintangibles, man. Skintangibles.