When Kirk Cousins stormed through the bowels of FedEx Field with his adrenaline a flowing and his index finger a pointing, it was a Vine for the ages. It got our Nationals beat writer Chelsea Janes thinking about where it ranked on the yearly list. Let’s talk about it.

Clinton Yates: While this was easily the most important actual sports moments of the three, this Vine in itself is not necessarily that great. The line itself is the most important thing, and there’s nothing particularly special about the video. It’s Pierce, talking to a reporter, after a game in which he hit a buzzer-beater in the playoffs. His execution is excellent and the stare into the camera at the end is legendary. Grade: A-

Scott Allen: The Truth wins, even though the Wizards went on to lose the series. Pierce pauses just long enough after Chris Broussard asks, “Did you call bank?” before hitting us with, “I called GAME.” You just can’t ignore that this was the only Vine of the three to come after a playoff game. The Truth’s second “GAME” is the cherry on top of near perfection. Grade: A+

Yates: What makes this moment so special is not Scherzer, not Matt Williams, but actually Anthony Rendon. He is legitimately unable to control his laughter when Max starts screaming and cursing at his manager. Also, the quickness with which he, Ian Desmond and Yunel Escobar enter and exit that mound meeting is genuinely hilarious. Grade: A

Allen: Good call on Rendon. There should be a Vine account devoted to his facial expressions during a game, except that account would probably be suspended. It was good to see Scherzer still badly want it at the end of a disappointing season. It was also good to see someone yell at Matt Williams. Grade: A-

Yates: This is far and away the best of the lot. It starts with a shot of nothing: a wall and a television set backdrop. Cousins then enters the frame, spits the hot fire, then walks off screen. There’s also a clutch camera movement that adds to the cinematography. It’s a moment that we otherwise would not have known of if not for the greatness of the Internet. Screaming at media members after a relatively ugly comeback win versus a terrible team is peak D.C. sports content. Grade: A++

Allen: I can’t stop watching this Vine, and I know I’m not alone. I don’t like it, I love it. You make a convincing case that this trumps The Truth, but I don’t grade my Vines in a vacuum. This came after record-breaking comeback win, sure, but it was still a win over the Bucs in the regular season. Grade: A